Four Reasons for Letting
Us Scrapbook Your Memories



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We'll do anything from "aardvark to zyzzyva".

*Must be legal and tasteful.

*We reserve the right to refuse your request.


Scrapbooks bind together memories to warm our hearts and remind us that life has been good.

Scrap booking Design of 10 Kids of Family


                                                                Lisa Jones

Man's Best Friend (Meish & Gary)

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Are you going "MAD" looking for that  one  photo in the 1000s of other photos in your phone?     Send it to us!
We can take a simple photograph and create a work of art!

 We take your  special  photos/printed material/artwork &

create a unique work of art using scrap booking supplies & a frame

We transform your photos into an engaging design so it can hang on a wall or stand on a desk  for family &  friends

to admire  for years to come.

What makes it so special is your own personal touch -

your names, event, date, & interesting facts. 

What makes it so unique is what we add - the "Bling!"

We add embellishments, pullouts,  flips,  flaps, & even lighting!

Hi, we're The Lofty Dragonfly!

A passionate group of women,

creative design fiends,

high quality scrap booking magicians

& unique, innovative storytellers.

Who We Are

We're four Texas Sisters  (Braxtons) who've been scrapbooking  over 20 years.  In 2017, we decided to use our talents to capture other peoples' priceless memories.   We pride ourselves in attention to detail.  Not only do we creatively scrapbook personal, one-of-a-kind pages, but frame them in various displays such as frames,

display cases and shadowboxes.

We can design that unique gift you're looking for to present to that unique person, or that special piece you’re looking for to keep for yourself. We create designs with soul!

You’ll love what we do with your memorabilia, and will want to share it with your family and friends!  

Please take your time & browse our website. See for yourself!

Harley Quinn,

my baby girl!

"Great things are done by a series of small things brought together." Van Gogh


Bachelorette Party "Waterfall Design"
Bachelorette Party "Waterfall Design"
Interactive Waterfall Card Design - Classic Motorcycle
Bride To Be "Waterfall" Design
Bride and Groom "Waterfall" Design
Bride & Groom "Waterfall" Design
What We Do
"We take a simple photograph and create a work of art." Jo BeeT 

 We enjoy our creative freedom, expressing our own designs and decorating skills.  We spend time on weekends, holidays, & many days working on scrap booking*.

"In our world, patterned paper is free, chocolate is healthy, & crafting makes you thin."  

Small Scrap book 9x11

*Scrap booking is the art for preserving, arranging, and presenting personal & family history in the form of a book, box or in a frame.

**Memorabilia include photographs, printed material, and artwork.

We design cards, bookmarks,  flip books, & large (12x12) and small  (9x9) scrapbooks. If you like reminiscing about the fun times, the old times & the not so distant times, then let us design you a memorable scrapbook using your memorabilia**. 

We  make such unique greeting cards that you will be surprised at our designs, from funny to tongue in cheek to humble and sweet.



A Family Heirloom

"My friend, Jo, presented my husband and I a scrap book for a wedding  gift.  It was the most beautiful and intricate, creative scrap book I had ever seen.  That was eight years ago, and we still love it just like the first day she presented it to us. Jo made our pictures and memories a treasured family heirloom.  We are forever grateful."

Elaine M.

Fresno, TX

To Place An Order

1. To place a frame order, choose:

Pre-made Design (go to SHOP) or 

Customized Order (see prices below).  

For Customized Orders:

Go to SHOP, choose a frame, embellishments, size/amount of photos & Extras (optional) to add to cart.

2. Send us images of photos, printed material or artwork

3. Send details of photo/printed material/artwork

  • Name of people/pets in photo/artwork/printed mat.

  • Event name

  • Date of event 

  • Important information or interesting/fun facts 

Contact Info

  • googleplus
  • linkedin

When ordering GREETING CARDS

and/or BOOKMARKS/GIFT TAGS, choose the name & description of the item(s) that you would like to order from the various categories in the SHOP.  Most greeting cards are $8, and the bookmarks vary in prices from $4 - $10, depending on the charms. GIFT TAGS are $6 w/charms.


Jo Braxton Trimble

@ The Lofty Dragonfly

17218 Maple Hollow Drive

Sugar Land, Texas 77498

EMAIL TO: info@theloftydragonfly.com


  To Complete Customized Order

Embellishments: $15 

Photos: $2 per print 

For Extra Items below: $10 each

(Not required, but recommended)

  • Side Pullout

  • Top Pullout

  • Flip (outside glass)

  • Flap (outside glass)

  • Outside Glass Pullout

  • Hanging Parts Outside Glass

  • Picture Over Glass

  • Extensive Journaling

  • Lighting ($5 extra)



Required to Complete Your Customized Order

  FRAMES                               SHADOW BOXES

  8X10     $10                           8X8  (display case)   $10

10X13     $15                          8X10 (display case)   $15

11X14     $15                           8X10 (shadow box)   $20

12X12     $15                         11X14 (display case)   $20

11X18     $18                         12X12 (display case)   $20

12X16     $18                         11X14 (shadow box)   $22

12X36     $20                         16X20 (shadow box)   $30

                                             16X24 (shadow box)   $35 


Scrapbooks: $15 per page

(Can do from 5 - 10 pages)


Mini-Flip books: $10 per page 

Sales Tax = 8.25%  (calculated at checkout)