Large Shadow Box - Memorial of Dad


This 18x36 shadow box is a memorial for a military dad.  It has several photos (about 20) in various displays.  One display is the Accordian style design with several photos about  his band in the front and back with several empty spaces for you to write information.  Another display is the Flip Book with about 8 pictures about the funeral. The third display is the large open Pullout with his picture of his high school days and the program of the funeral with an 8x10 photo on the front of the Pullout.  The next display is the Twist Book where you turn each photo - front and back.  Last, on the front of the shadow box are two photos, one on the back of the other which is the Photo-Over-Glass display.  There is also a hidden miniature American flag because of his service to our country.

Color: wood