Little Boy Rules - Thomas the Tank Engine)


Gorgeous little blue 10x10 display case for a little boy - your "trouble"! 

On the inside:

The background paper is decorated with objects of a little boy's - hat, shoes & socks in several colors

There is a large light blue button with a cut-out of a pair of the shoes on top

There is a space for a 4x6 photo of your son/nephew/cousin  

There are red, yellow, purple & blue buttons with string as balloons, & 1 green "balloon" that got away
"100% Boy" and "Here Comes Trouble" stickers

"Little Boy Rules" listed and hand-written by designer
A Thomas the Tank Engine Train toy with the words "Play Play" on the lower shelf of the frame with two buttons (to stop the train from rolling all over the place)
A sticker w/Micky, Goofy & Donald are three of the "culprits" with "Trouble"! on the outside of the frame

The outside flap for name, date, etc. covered with laminating plastic and held closed with velcro