A Prayer for My Little Girl/Precious Girl Light of My World Gift Frame


This is a beige wooden 11x14 frame.
A Prayer for My Little Girl is a perfect gift for a baby girl, a toddler or even a little girl.
The background paper is pink glittery paper.
It has a pink Minnie Mouse ribbon on the right side of the design held on by 2 pink glittery brads.     
The prayer is in pink ink and laminated for preserving.  It is bordered by pink and white decorated background paper,  and accented with 4 pearl 3-D stickers.
The space for the 5x7 photo has background paper in pink and white with hearts.
There is one sticker - a yellow duck with pearl 3-D stickers for bubbles above the photo space.
There are four 3-D pearl stickers to the right of the photo space.
The large white space below the prayer is for writing information and/or the little one's name.  
There is also another smaller white space and corner punched with small hearts, beside the larger space, for information held on with a pink glittery brad. 
Another white space is above the photo space for more information, held on with a pink glittery brad.
At the very bottom are the words "Precious Girl" and "Light of My World" in 3-D pink letters, with the "P" in a larger 3-D letter with gold, and black and white stripes.
There is a cute baby zebra in the lower right hand corner!
On the outside of the frame, in the upper left hand corner, are two pink and yellow flowers.
So cute, and so pink!