1 Christ Love and Laughter Notepad

1 Christ Love and Laughter Notepad

This 4 by 6 notepad is great for taking notes at home or on the go.  It fits in a purse, backpack and/or briefcase.  It has 80 lined pages, and the front cover is laminated for durability.

The background paper is a beautiful tangerine shade with tiny black and white crosses.

"Christ" is in orange and is in puffy letters.

"Rejoice in the Lord Always" is a sticker centered in the lower bottom in black bold letters.

In the center at the top is a bronze cross glued on a black sticker cross with black lines spreading out behind it.  Behind the cross are the words "Love & Laughter" in black letters.

Below the cross are lots of words that describe God in black letters in different shapes and sizes.

Inside of the front cover is a pocket made from the same background paper as the front.  It has the words "Be Grateful" in black and orange letters on a wooden fence design.

"A.S.K. and you shall receive" are also on the pocket.