Keep Calm I'm A CNA Thank You For Healing Gift Waterfall Greeting Card Video

This is a waterfall design of a greeting card for CNA's thanking them for helping and healing.

If you go to, you will see the video of the 'waterfall design' which has movable parts.

The background paper is a blue checkered design with a top layer of a blue/white burlap look.

The first layer has a teal set of scrubs with a gold heart on the chest.  Above the scrubs are the initials CNA in white letters.

Behind the first layer is a light blue banner with gold words that read "-Keep Calm I'm A-".  A 3D coffee mug in purple/teal/white has the words "I Run On Caffeine & Chaos" on the left side and a clear orange jar with swabs on the right side of the card.

The strip of paper that holds the 'waterfall' on the front is dark teal with a white background. The corners are heart shaped punched.

Pull the tab (which are two pink bandaid stickers with red hearts glued together), and the second layer is white with a stethoscope, a needle & thermometer.  The smaller layer has a bandaid and the word "helping" in red shiny letters.

Pull the tab again and the next layer has a red glittery heart with the heartbeat running through it and the word "loving" in red shiny letters.   Below that is a banner in blue that reads "Being a nurse takes heart" with 2 gold hearts.

Pull the tab one more time and the last layer has "healing" in red shiny letters with three pills underneath.  "Living the Scrub Life" is on a pink banner.

The last tab has "Bed Bath And Way Beyond" in blue shiny letters and "I'm a CNA What's Your Super Power?"

Inside of the card:

The words "Thank You for helping And healing" in red letters.

The envelope and greeting cards are laminated for durability.

The front of the envelope has the same flowered paper with white space for a name, a gold heart with CNA in white  and a red heart with a blue line for a heart beat and the word "love".

On the back is the same flowered paper with two pink bandaids crossed with a heart.


All of my greeting cards are hand assembled with unique designs so no two are the same. 

Give a unique card to a unique person you know won't be duplicated. 

I use products from multiple companies to give the best variety possible.

I take requests for customized cards. 

Send me a message if you don't see what you're looking for and I'll let you know what I can do.

  • One Of A Kind

    If the item shows "out of stock" and you would still like to purchase one like it, we can design it for you.  It won't be just like the product in the picture, but very similar, unless you say you want it exactly like the pic.