Did You Say Cougar?! I Think You Have The Wrong Cat, Babe! Bookmark Gift

This bookmark mentions/has three types of cats, so it you're a cat lady, you'll love this.  It has a "cougar", a "black cat - puma" and a "tiger"!

Background paper is tiger stripes, and then laminated for durability.

The first side has "Did You Say Cougar?" in green words along with a picture of a lady at the white board looking like she is asking the question and a pair of lipsticked lips. "Get Your Freak On!" in black letters are underneath the picture.

On the back side is "I Think You Have The Wrong Cat Babe!" with a thin woman in a black cat suit. Beneath her is a lit match and "So Hot!"

The brown cord has a small black bead, a brown/black bead, a large black bead, a brown bead and a larger clear bead with a cute silver filigree tiger.