Hey, Ho. Santa Says Ho Ho Ho... Love You, Girl! Holiday Greeting Card

"Hey Ho. Santa Says Ho Ho Ho!" (Love you, girl!)

This greeting card is for your girlfriend, the one that can take a joke!  Your homegirl!

The background paper is green with a Santa face.

The words "Hey, Ho." are in black puffy paint.

"Santa" is in shiny red letters, and "Says" is in glittery red letters.

"Ho Ho Ho!" is in black puffy paint.

On the inside is the same background paper with the words "Love you, girl!." in red glittery letters.

There is a banner in red and green with the words "Oh So Happy Holidays" in white and green glittery words.

There is a young lady in winter attire smiling in the center.

On the front of the envelope is the same background paper with a white space for a name beside the word "Laugh".

"Santa" is above the space.

On the back is the same background  paper with a round banner sticker with two Christmas trees & "Peace & Joy".