I Love My Dog/Paw Prints Gift Frame/Roll Over Sit Stay Fetch/Dog Lover's Scrap B


If you are a dog lover, you will love this frame!
This is an 11x14 white wooden frame that can hang on a wall
On the inside of the frame:
The background paper is rustic blue with doggie paw prints all over in various sizes
There is a matted white border
On the matted border are three spaces for writing pet's name, birth date, age, interesting facts, etc.
There are also cut out paw prints and small black paw print stickers
The words "Roll Over", "fetch", "Sit", "Bow Wow" and "Stay" are in black letter stickers along with a green and brown "Roll Over" sticker
In the center is a bordered space for a 4x6 or 5x7 picture (dark blue, light blue and royal blue with rounded corners and heart punched corners with a gold strip attached) with a silver star brad through the back of the frame
The silver star  is attached to the bordered paper so you could move it to the left or the right or straight (any way you want the pic to be positioned)
On the outside:
"FETCH" in black sticker letters along with a black paw print sticker are in the top left corner with a 3D black and gold paw print
To the right is a Brown dog 3D sticker with a black and white heart

Bow Wow - Wow!!
This can be for a puppy, adult dog, or a pet loss.  Lover of dogs!