Mom & Daughter We're Fashionistas Greeting Card

Mom & Daughter We're Fashionistas Greeting Card

This greeting card is for mothers and daughters that love to go shopping together - like my mom and me!"

The background paper is pink and silver with flowers in pink/black and white.

The words on the front read "Mom & Daughter" in large green 3d letters and pink/gold letters.

There are two ladies on the front - a mom and a daughter - that look like they have just been shopping.

Above the word "daughter" is a pink high heel shoe and a black & white striped bag with sunshades,

Inside the card are the words "We're Fashionistas" spread out across both sides of the card, in pink and gold letters.

There's a green jean jacket, a watch, a lipstick case and some orange tennis shoes.

There is a young lady "trying on a hat" in a summer dress.


On the envelope is the same background paper, space for a name and "My Rock" and "Role Model" tag.

On the back, on a large button, is "You Are So Cool".



All of my cards are hand assembled with unique designs so no two are the same.