My First Christmas Scrapbooking Design Frame Gift/First Xmas For Baby Or Pet

My First Christmas Scrapbooking Design Frame Gift/First Xmas For Baby Or Pet

This is a gorgeous gift for a First Christmas!  It can be for a child, a pet, a loved one, or a friend.

On the inside of this 14x11 silver frame:

The background paper is white with colorful green/red snowflakes

The red/white starred paper on top of red plaid paper and solid red paper is for a 5x7 photo which you can arrange horizontally or vertically

To switch from vertical to horizontal is easy: Open back of frame, remove adhesive chipboard snowflake holding brad, replace with other adhesive chipboard snowflake holding other brad, put photo on bordered paper (w/tape or glue) and close back of frame.  Red/white snowflake w/silver brad is for vertical photo and red/black snowflake w/gray brad is for horizontal photo.

There is red glittery ribbon going across the design

The words read "My First Christmas (2020)" on a background of red/white starred paper and red background paper

There is a white space for information as well, bordered by red/white paper and bordered by red background paper


On the outside of the glass:

Adhesive Chipboard bells with holly between title

Adhesive Chipboard Santa in left bottom corner w/colorful snowflakes above his head

Adhesive Chipboard Christmas tree and present in the right bottom corner


All of my frames are hand assembled with unique designs so no two are the same. 

Give a unique frame to a unique person you know won't be duplicated. 

I use products from multiple companies to give the best variety possible.

I take requests for customized frames. 

Send me a message if you don't see what you're looking for and I'll let you know what I can do.