Nurses Call All The Shots Greeting Card/Living The Scrub Life Nurse Card

This is a nurse's greeting card for a birthday, graduation, or just thank you!  It can be for a female or male nurse.

The background paper is teal and white striped with white flashes.

The word "Nurses" is in 3D with sparkles and dark teal letters.  

The word is surrounded by a blue/silver stethoscope, a pink glittery heart, a yellow heart and a shiny purple heart on top of the 3D blue scrubs.

The scrubs have an RN badge on the right  with an overlarge syringe on the left by the yellow heart.

"POP" is in comic style with all of the wow!

"I'm A Nurse.  What's Your Super Power?" saying is beside the pink glittery clip board with "Living The Scrub life"

On the inside "Nurses Call All The Shots" and "Being A Nurse Takes Heart." With a watch, pills, and a needle.


The card and envelope are laminated for durability.

The front also has background paper as the card with RN In gold heart, and a blue needle on top with space for a name.

The back has a stethoscope and is closed with Velcro.