Girl/Niece/Friend/Infant/Toddler-Cherry Blossoms


How adorable!! 

This is a cute little yellow 8x10 frame with a space for a 5x7 photo of your girl.

On the inside:

Pink and white polka dotted background paper

Pink, glittery silver hearted paper/pink rose corner punched paper (w/crystal rhinestone) for a 5x7 photo

Space to write the baby girl's name with a rose punched corner and a crystal rhinestone

A pink polka dotted heart sticker

On the outside:

In the lower left corner are cherry blossoms, three puffy hearts, and a sweet little white and silver angel

In the lower right corner is a pink and white baby bib with the word "Baby" 

The unique part is...

The pullout on the right side of the frame to the back!

It has rose punched corners and a red and pink striped heart 

Use it to write sweet messages or important information about your little girl/niece/infant/toddler