1 Roll Bounce Oh Cool Chill Out Roller Skating Cat & Ice Cream Loving  Bookmark

1 Roll Bounce Oh Cool Chill Out Roller Skating Cat & Ice Cream Loving Bookmark

This is a fun bookmark!  It is great for a roller skating, ice cream eating, cat loving, flower wearing girl!

The bookmark is covered in designer paper with sunflower patterns with pink and yellow colors. 

The centers of the flowers are glittered.

On one side are the words "Roll!" and  "Bounce!" in orange letters.

There is a 3D sticker of a cute cat face with glasses.

There is also a 3D pink flowered roller skate sticker.

One sunflower is cut out and lifted off the bookmark with foam tape.  Beside it is a pink and gold metal sticker of a popsicle with the words "Oh Cool".

On the other side are the words "Chill Out!" in orange letters.

Beside the words is a metal ice cream cone sprinkled with confetti.

There is a large face of a tanned  girl with dark brown hair in an updo, pink rhinestone flowers in her hair, pink rhinestone sunglasses, and pink glittery lips.

The pink string is tied through two holes.

At the ends of the string are various colorful beads in various shapes and sizes to go along with the fun design!

The charms on the ends are a roller-skate and an ice cream cone.

Because of the costs of the charms and metal stickers, the price is a bit more than my usual bookmarks.


All of my bookmarks are hand assembled with unique designs so no two are the same. 

Give a unique bookmark to a unique person you know won't be duplicated. 

I use products from multiple companies to give the best variety possible.

I take requests for customized bookmarks. 

Send me a message if you don't see what you're looking for and I'll let you know what I can do.