2 Unicorn Bookmarks/Roll Me in Fairy Dust! Call Me a Unicorn/Embrace Your Inner


So gorgeous!  This unicorn bookmark is fit for a princess.

On one side is an adorable puffy unicorn head in white, pink, gold, green and purple colors with a rainbow horn and a rosy cheek! 

To the left of the unicorn is a pink and green puffy heart textured with sequined-like designs.

There is a 3D pink shiny princess crown above the unicorn's pretty pink nose.

Below the unicorn and heart are the words "Believe You're Meant To Live A Life of Purpose, Miracles & magic." in purple letters.

"embrace your INNER UNICORN" are in green and pink letters.

On the other side are two adorable unicorn heads in yellow, pink, green and blue with yellow stars surrounding them. There is also a star in the same colors.  The unicorns are textured like sequined designs.

Between each unicorn are the words "roll me in fairy dust! Call me a unicorn!" in light pink letters.

The ribbon is white with gold unicorns going up and down.

Attached the top of the ribbon is a gold ribbon crimp holding two silver charms - one that says "be" and the other that reads "wish".

On the ends of each ribbon is a unicorn head - one with a purple mane and one with a blue mane.  The blue maned unicorn also has 6 pink and blue glass beads at to its end.