1 Tiny Dancer Twinkle Toes Ballerina Bookmark

1 Tiny Dancer Twinkle Toes Ballerina Bookmark

This design is for all girls who love to dance!  It really has pink for those who love pink also.

On one side:

There is a tutu and a ballerina shoes on one side with the words "Tiny Dancer" in pink letters and "Twinkle Toes" in black letters.

The ballerina's pointed toes are positioned over the words "The Circus Girl"

There is a hot pink and white polka dotted ribbon on the right tied at the top with a bow.

On the other side:

There is another pink tutu and the words "Prima Ballerina" in black letters.

"NeverStop Dreaming" are words in shiny pink letters.

At the bottom of this side of the bookmark is a beautiful white horse with a triple decker iced cupcake on its back. Below the horse are pretty pink roses.

The hole for the ribbon is off to the left, and it is the same ribbon as on the right.

Attached to the top of the ribbon is a silver charm with the words "I CAN".

On the ends of the ribbon are pink and purple beads.

At the very end are the silver ballerina charms in crystal tutus