Wild Thing You Make Our Hearts Sing Happy ___ Birthday!

Wild Thing You Make Our Hearts Sing Happy ___ Birthday!

This greeting card can be given to anyone you call your "Wild Thing"!  Everybody's got one...or two!

The background paper is light teal words on a lighter teal background.  The words include "wild child", "explore", "love", etc.

The front has a cute orange/black baby cheetah (with the most beautiful eyes) peeking out from behind "Wild" word which is made from cheetah print material. The cheetah's whiskers are made from black yarn.

Around the word are green leaves and cheetah paw prints.

Below "wild" is the word "Thing" which is also made from cheetah material.  It has a lime green frog hanging on the "T".  Leaves are on top of the word. I also added a 3D paw print in black/gold with rhinestone claw prints.

Above the frog is a small red heart.

Below "thing" can be the name you'd like added, i.e., Berkley, in shiny bronze letters.

Inside are the words "You Make Our Hearts Sing" in shiny bronze letters.

4 green leaves are added in each corner

"Happy __ Birthday!" in gold/pink lined letters are on a cheetah printed banner that is mounted on foam tape in the center of the card. We can add the age as well.

The envelope and card are laminated for durability.

The envelope has the same background paper and leaves as the card, a space for writing a name on the front, a tiny green frog face, a large cheetah sticker that can be taken off and given to the birthhday girl or boy.  It has Velcro to open/close it on the back.