You're Driving Me Batty, Baby The Joker Scrap booking Framed Gift Design/DC Comi


"You're driving my Batty, Baby!" black shadow box frame with The Joker drawing done by the artist, Leonard Braxton, is a unique design for a unique person! 
If you love The Joker (like I do, along with Harley Quinn), then you will love this design.
It is a 9x9 black box with plenty of room for standing an 8" statue of The Joker, Batman or Harley Quinn. Along with the shadow box is a standing photo tripod for your own 4x6 photo of you and your sweetheart.
I put the words "You're Driving Me Batty, Baby!" in black and white bubble letters going down and across the background paper.
The background paper is Batman DC Comics with one picture of Batman and plenty of Batman emblems in black and gray colors.
The photo stand can be used on the inside of the frame or on the outside of the frame - top or side.
The photo stand has black, red, and white background paper (laminated for stability).