You're Right Up There With Unicorns and Donuts Dig In! Greeting Card Gift

You're Right Up There With Unicorns and Donuts Dig In! Greeting Card Gift

This amazing card is for the powerful girl who loves unicorns, and yes, donuts!

On the front of the card:

The background paper is designer paper with doughnuts and cookies in various colors and flavors.

The words "You're right up there with" are in pink sticker letters, and laminated, then mounted on foam tape.

The words "Unicorns" and "& Donuts" are in pink letter stickers as well.  

The "U" in unicorn is a 3D blue letter with the head of a white unicorn for special effects.

The unicorn is beautiful because of the white body outlined in gold, purple and gold mane, purple and pink glittery tail, gold hooves, pink rosy cheek, long black eyelashes, and a gorgeous horn.  Behind her (or him) is a glittery flowing star in purple, blue, and gold. 

Two 3D donuts - one pink and chocolate with sprinkles and one green and plain with sprinkles - highlight the card!

On the inside:

A cute white unicorn eating a donut with the words "Dig In!" in beautiful colorful puffy letters.


The card AND envelope are laminated for stability and durability.

The front of the envelope has the same background paper and a space for a name with a pink unicorn head and a flowing rainbow mane.  The back has the same background paper and a 3D pink and chocolate donut with sprinkles.  The envelope is held closed with Velcro.


All of my cards are hand assembled with unique designs so no two are the same. 

Give a unique card to a unique person you know won't be duplicated. 

I use products from multiple companies to give the best variety possible.

I take requests for customized cards. 

Send me a message if you don't see what you're looking for and I'll let you know what I can do.