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The Power of Framing
It's Not Just What You See, But Also How You See It

"We take a simple photograph and create a work of art." JoBeeT

Ambus & The Mad Hatter at The Renaissance
Going "MAD" looking for one photo in the 1000s of photos in your phone?  Find it one more time & send that photo to The Lofty Dragonfly! We can take a simple photograph & create a work of art!



*We take your special photo(s), printed material, or artwork & create a unique work of art using scrap booking supplies & a frame.

*We transform your photos into an engaging design so it can hang on a wall or stand on a desk for family & friends to admire for years. 

*What makes it so special is "what you see".  You add your own personal touch - your names, event title, date, & interesting/fun facts.  

*What makes it so unique is "how you see it". We add - the "BLING" -embellishments, pullouts, flips, flaps, folds, and even lighting.

*Not only do we creatively scrapbook personal, one-of-a-kind pages, but preserve them in various displays such as shadow boxes, frames & display cases.


Read What Adding A Frame To A Scrap Book Page Can Do



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