Mom-To-Be (Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star)


Mommy-to-be!  What a joy! 

This would make a most unique gift for a mommy-to-be at a baby shower!

This is a pre-made 11x14 frame in beige wood for a Mommy-to-Be.

The background paper is beautifully decorated with colorful parasols/umbrellas of an Asian feel.

I added cherry blossoms next to the pink and white "jar" design where she can add little notes.

"It's a _____________!",  and she fills in the blank with that One Special Word! 

There are two spaces for 4x6 photos of the mommy-to-be/the mom and dad-to-be/the ultrasound

Included are spaces for the due date, weight, length, time of birth, or any facts you'd like to include under the 3D heading "Labor of Love"