2 Baby Cards: Welcome Home Baby It's A Boy/Hello World! 100% Cutie It's a Girl

These two baby greeting cards are for baby showers or from anyone welcoming baby home!  Both cards have designer background paper with white/blue mini polka dots and baby animals - dinosaurs, octopi, snails, zebras, gators and frogs.

"Welcome Home Baby It's A Boy" greeting card:

"Welcome Home Baby" is on a green/yellow banner above the words "It's A Boy" and a baby car seat beside a baby bottle.

Inside the card is a black rectangular banner with the words "Your First Breath Took Ours Away" in white bold letters.

Below the banner are baby boy bib, baby giraffe toy, and a baby boy in a baby carriage.

The envelope has "nursery" on the front above the name space.  There are 3D bubbles, baby bath soap, a diaper pin and a white fuzzy duckie.  On the back is "lullaby" & a bottle.


"Hello, World! It's A Girl 100% Cutie" greeting card:

The words are in various shapes & sizes, and colors.  There are 3D buttons of a carriage, a rocking horse, and a onesie.  There is also a flower in the right hand corner.

Inside the card are pink flowered onesies and a heart hanging on a line.

The baby bottle has a smiley sun.  The baby doe is pink with flowers on her head. The words "so little" is on a yellow glittery/white banner.  "Cutie pie" is pink with pink glittery flower bud and star.

The envelope has a large baby bottle with a pink glittery rim on the front and a yellow smiling sun with pink glittery rays.