Father's To Do List/No.1 Father/Father's Day Gift Scrap booking


This 11x14 black frame is for a No. 1 Father!

On the inside:

Background paper is lime green, green, beige, white, and brown stripes going across with the words "Dad", "Father", "Papa"

There is a space for a 5x7 photo of your dad with brown, green, and purple background paper

To the right of the photo are the words "To Do List" 

There is a matted white frame 

On the matted area, at the top, is a brown and black rectangular section with the word "Dad" in silver bradded letters along with some brown netted ribbon at the top

On the outside:

There is an envelope in brown and blue with beige and blue swirls, and blue and white dots

Inside of the envelope is a card with a gift box in silver and  4 black mini rhinestones as bullets (underneath laminate plastic) to write your dad's "to do list" of things he enjoys doing on a regular basis

On front of the envelope  are the words "My Father" in black and white letters, and a "No. 1" trophy