Live to Ride "Waterfall Design"


This interactive design is called "waterfall" because of it's likeness to such name, and is so much fun!  When you pull the small round tab at the bottom of the card that reads "American Motors", it flows like a waterfall.  The round tab is attached to a long tab that reads "Motorcycle Supply Co., and continues with "Born to Ride, It Takes 37 Muscles to Frown, 17 To Smile, 7 To Twist The Throttle, Born To Ride, Ride To Live" on the outside of the card over a sky blue background with the title "Classic Motors", and attached to a banner near the bottom that reads "Motorcycle Rally".

Inside the card are several banner style flags stretching across the top of the right side of the card.  It has a sticker that reads "Life is a Journey"  with an awesome motorcycle in a field near a red barn, and a smaller round sticker that reads "Keep it Twisted" with a fist on a throttle.

This is a great card for any woman or man in love with "the throttle"!