Love You Love Me Valentine's Day Scrap booking Gift Frame


This is a black 11x14 display case with lots of beautiful embellishments inside and a large space for your own photo of you with your loved ones, your pet, or your friends.

On the inside:

The background paper is doubled with a solid orangish color, and topped with a patterned sheet with an array of colors (orange, red, brown, and mustard yellow)

To the left is a white strip of paper with pink drawn hearts

The strip to the left is a burnt orange topped with beautiful colorful butterflies of different sizes and a thread with small pink and yellow beads 

The space for the 5x7 photo is bordered with white paper, topped with clear gold polka dotted plastic, topped with olive colored paper, and burgandy, then burnt orange paper

The words to the left of the photo space are "Love You Me" in putty gold letters with gold polka dots

Beside "me" is a beige/brown polka dotted 3d flower

Under the photo space is space to write names of the individuals in the photo

To the right of the space for a name is a big pretty pink and red heart with three mini gold hearts

Underneath the photo and the names is another space to write the name and date of the event, and/or any special information

Finally, at the very bottom, is a red/glittery silver ribbon that stretches across from left to right

Any photo of any loved one will do - from pets to people!