2 Military Bookmarks/Proud Marine/Proud Army (2 Options)


These two bookmarks are for families of American heroes - the United States Army and/or Marines.

Each bookmark is unique in its design with a couple of similarities - 1)both say "Hero", 2)both have dog tags, and 2)both have combat boots.

The Marine comes with a backpack and a helmut on one side and the combat boots, dog tags, a Hero star, a medal of honor and a flag pin on the other side.

On the green ribbon is a green combat fighter on one end and a U.S. flag with "Home of the Free because of the Brave" on the back.


The Army comes with dog tags, a compass, combat boots, and "LOVE" in the colors of the flag on one side, and Hero badge, Army cap, "The Stars in my Flag Wear Camo" and "#Live The Moments" on the other side

On the green ribbon is "I Love My Soldier" metal charm with a yellow ribbon charm, and a U.S. flag metal charm with a gold star and a heart with the words "My heart belongs to a hero".


You can choose the one you would like to purchase, or choose both.