Wedding - Husband and Wife/I Do


Love! Husband and Wife and Mr. and Mrs. - these are the wonderful words on this beautiful 8x10 silver frame.

The background paper is white and has the word "love" written across it.

The vellum paper in the middle is where you can put a 4x6 or 5x7 photo.

Above and below the photo space are black swirly designs, one with a black/silver flower.

To the right, is the black and silver words "I Do".

Below the photo is are the abbreviations "mr. and mrs.".

On the outside, bottom left, is the saying "my life is BETTER with you in it".  A small dove is in the bottom left corner of the glass.

At the top, I velcro-ed a name card with the words "husband & wife" on it where the couple's names are written or typed. 

Attached to the name card are two cloudy white hearts with tiny crystals - the one on the left is not to be removed, but the one on the right has a hook for unhooking
NOTE:  To open the top, just unhook the silver hook from the heart-shaped hole, take out the cards to write on, and when finished writing, hook the silver hoop back into the hole 
A unique piece is the pullout on the top left on the back of the frame. 
A special message can go there, like the date and the venue. 
It has a white puffy heart on the front and a gold puffy heart on the back, and some special sayings.


Please contact me for special orders. I have so many themes that I might have something you don't see here.