Wedding - Mr. and Mrs./Our Marriage


This gorgeous design is for the lovely couple getting married!  
It is a gold 8x10 frame.

On the inside: 
The background paper is gold hearts on a white background 
Sayings "mr. and mrs.", "We are now husband and wife", and "the big day"  are inside and out
Space for a 5x7 photo with a small black and silver flower in the left bottom corner 
The top left corner has a gold/brownish design, and in the left bottom corner is the white dove of love 
On the outside of the frame: 
top center, is a space for writing your married name - right between the two hearts!
Bottom center, is a cute stylish sign that reads "Our Marriage"  
The extra item - the pullout for information!  

There is a card divided into two sections for both of you to put your special notes about each other.