St. Patrick's Day 2019/Happy St. Paddy's Day Scrap Booking Gift Frame Design/Luc


Happy St. Patrick's Day!
This brown wooden 9x9 display case is quite the "luck of the Irish" filled with three leaf clovers!
On the inside of the frame:
Background paper is lime green and olive green divided by a white and green three leaf clovers' wired ribbon
The bordered paper for a 4x6 photo is made with white/lime green and forest green paper with green crystal stickers in each corner
The photo paper is held on by a rustic clip with a rustic brad and a green crystal sticker glued to the front
Lower right hand corner has a three leaf clover in three green heart shaped leaves with mini dark green rhinestones surrounding them to make a design of a clover with a stem
On the outside:
"St. Patricks Day 2019" is glued on the left side of the frame in glittery green letters and numbers
To the top left is another three leaf clover in 3D green rhinestones
To the right of the frame are three large green glittery movable three leaf clovers held together with dark green and light green ribbon, which s held onto the frame with the wired three leaf clover ribbon
Finally, there is a flap on the front, lower left for you to add information such as who is in the party, where is the party, and the date of the event
The flap is covered with brads, stickers of three leaf clovers, and ribbon
The closure for the flap is a brass paper clip with a green puff ball on the end
There are so many levels and ideas you can do with this frame
1) Hang your picture horizontally, straight, or with a tilt
2)Hang your photo vertically, straight, or with a tilt'
3)Take the photo border out and use any sized photo you'd like to attach inside - maybe even two photos!