The Joker Scrap booking Framed Design/The Joker and Batman DC Comics Characters


The Joker and Batman are at it again!
This 11x14 black textured frame is designed for the lovers of The Joker, not Batman! The saying in the frame. "Let's put a smile on that face!", is from the best joker ever! - Heath Ledger in the 2008 'The Dark Knight' movie.
On the inside of the frame:
The background paper is designer paper of Batman with Batman symbols in various sizes
The lower part of the frame has black sheer and velvet ribbon with white paper
The saying "Let's Put a Smile on That Face!" is in black 3D letters on the ribbon and white paper
The Joker is a drawing from the artist, Leonard Braxton.
On the outside of the frame:
A flap designed with one side for a 4x6 photo and the other side for any writing you'd like to add (with a 3-D Batman emblem in black and gold)
On the outside of the flap is the Batman background paper and another 3-D Batman emblem in black and gold
The flap is laminated on the outside to keep it from getting messed up
This is a great gift for anyone that loves The Joker!