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We enjoy our creative freedom, expressing our own designs and decorating skills. We believe,

"In our world, patterned paper is free, chocolate is healthy & crafting makes you a diva." 


  •  Design unique cards for any occasion

  • Laminate card and envelope for durability 

  • Embellish with "Bling".

  • Personalize if desired! No two are alike unless requested


  • Use plain notebooks and clipboards

  • Laminate paper

  • Glue on the item 

  • Add embellishments 

  • Add a pocket 

  • Will customize or personalize if asked


Jewelry By
My Life As A Bead 
Amberesa Braxton Owner/Designer
She only uses gemstones, glass, paper, seeds ~ only quality beads ~ to design her jewelry.


  • Design unique gifts for any occasion

  • Cut paper to size

  • Laminate for durability

  • Embellish with letters, beads & charms

  • Personalize if desired. No two are alike unless requested


  • Have several pre-made framed scrapbook pages

  • Only take orders for the pre-made ones in stock

  • Make minor changes to them when purchased 

  • Will customize or personalize if requested

"Scrapbooking binds together memories to warm our hearts and remind us
that life has been good."

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