This Is How We Do It


We enjoy our creative freedom, expressing our own designs and decorating skills. We believe,

"In our world, patterned paper is free, chocolate is healthy & crafting makes you a diva." 


 We design unique cards for any occasion. The card & envelope are laminated for durability, & embellished with "Bling". Sometimes we handwrite.  We can personalize them if desired! No two are alike unless requested.


We use plain 5X7 - 80 page steno pads & 6X9 - 100 page steno pads; 6X9 clipboards and 9X12 clipboards . We laminate scrapbook paper, glue it on top of the item, and add embellishments. We also add a pocket. We can customize or personalize one for you or someone special!

Fashion Jewelry By My Life As A Bead, Amberesa Braxton/Owner & Designer


These are designed for that special, unique gift for any occasion. We cut the desired paper size, laminate them for durability, embellish and then add beads & charms. We can personalize them if requested. No two alike.

Jewelry By
My Life As A Bead 
Amberesa Braxton Owner/Designer


 Due to the amount of time & expense it takes to make scrapbooks, we no longer make them.  As for the Framed Scrapbook Pages, we have several in our SHOP pre-made so we will only take orders for those, & make minor changes to them if bought and requested. We will personalize them if asked.


Greeting Card

"Scrapbooking binds together

memories to warm our hearts 

and remind us

that life has been good."


Framed Scrapbook Page