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Visit me on Etsy - Handmade! Not Amazon!

I have decided to sell some of my items on Etsy - Handmade - for three reasons: 1) the process is easier to upload my images and information onto their page, 2) locating my designs are easier to find in their store, and 3) Etsy looks a lot more like my style of place to sell my designs. I tried Amazon, but there was so much to go through to put one design on their page, and if you accidentally hit a wrong button, you are stuck with that. i.e., SKU or Fulfillment by Amazon.

If you go to Etsy, search for anything, put in the lofty dragonfly in the search engine, my shop should pop up on the screen. You can also find my designs under Handmade - The Lofty Dragonfly or Home and Living/Home Decor/Wall Hangings/Framed/Photography, but there are too many boxes to check.

I am going to have a booth in the Katy Market Day on June 16th, Saturday, if you'd like to come by and visit. My booth will be in between #30 - #39. I will also have a booth at Katy Market Day on July 21st as well, in between #1 - #10.

Below is a picture from the Houston Baby Expo last month, and my latest design, "I (heart) Grandma".

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