Houston Texans Football/Texans Football Tailgating Red/White/Blue Texans


Are you a fan of the Houston Texans?  Do you love to tailgate?  
Take a picture or two of you having fun tailgating or at the game.
This 12x12 display case would be a perfect place to add your pictures.
On the inside:
Houston Texans red, white, and blue background paper with the Texans' logo (large and small)
4x6 bordered red and white bordered paper (w/silver star brad in upper right corner) to glue/tape your photo
Long white bordered paper with a red background (w/2 silver stars - one on each end) for writing names, date, and information about the event
Squared white paper with red background paper (with two rhinestone speckled stickers) for writing any information, or even another picture
"Tailgating" in red shimmery letters on white paper with red border on the left side of the frame
On the outside:
Texans football helmet with the words "GO Texans 2018-19" (The helmet is on white bordered paper with a silver star brad to hold the helmet on, AND used to turn the helmet for extra space to write on!) 
This is the perfect gift for a Houston Texans fan!!