Llama Just Sing 'Can Anybody Find Me Somebody To Love"Song by Queen BookmarkGift

Queen!  Freddy Mercury! Songs by Queen featuring Freddy Mercury!! What is there NOT to love?!?!  

The song "Can Anybody Find Me Somebody To Love?" is one of the classics!

The bookmark has black shiny background paper with bright golden lights and stars.  It is laminated for durability.

On one side is a guitar in red/yellow/black/white (I read that Freddy Mercury did play a guitar), a keyboard in gold/black, three black music notes, a cute white llama with a red/blue/white scarf around its neck with black beady eyes and two floppy ears.  

The words "Llama Just Sing" are in gold shiny letters with a rhinestone as the dot over the i.

On the other side are the words "Can Anybody Find Me Somebody To Love." in gold shiny letters

There are two gold music notes, a stage light in the top right corner and the name of the group, "Queen", in the bottom left corner.

The large red lips and teeth have a black mustache to represent Freddy Mercury singing.


The cord is tan with two ends - each holding tiny gold beads, amber crystal beads, large gold textured beads, a saucer-shaped gold bead, and two large white/silver filigree beads.  One end has a silver microphone charm and the other has a silver piano charm.