Sexy Adult Greeting Cards


These 5 adult cards are each sold separately.

All you would do is name the card or cards you would like to buy in the shopping cart.


#1 card: "Hey, Girl!  What's Up?", is from one co-worker to another, or one friend/sister/relative to another to get together for margaritas after hours, or at home later.  It has brown/black leopard background paper with black/white letters, and two cute little ladies on the front in work clothes.  The inside of the card has two margarita glasses filled with margaritas, one bottle that reads "Know When to Give Up and Drink a Margarita" along with "Wanna Meet?"  and a set up lips (what will end up on the rim of the glass(es)!


#2 card: "Como Te Llamas, Mama?" is from anyone to a female - mom, sister, aunt, friend, lover - that can be about anything.  It is decorated with cacti and llamas.  On the inside is a teal colored llama that is just saying "Hola!"  It is a cute card for any occasion.


#3 card: "Oh, Loverboy!  Yes, Dear!", is a greeting card from a female to her lover.  The background paper is gold glitter.   The words above the lips read 'Oh, Loverboy!" while the words above the black moustache read "Yes, Dear!".  On the inside is a wine glass 3/4 full, a long glass with a drink and ice/stirrer, and a bottle that reads "It's 5 o'clock Somewhere".  The inside reads 'Whatcha Doin'?  Want Some" in silver and bronze letters.


#4 card: "Booty Call". It is designed with a shapely back/bottom (in orange textured paper) with black/blue background paper, and the words "Booty Call" are in puffy iridescent letters.  Inside is a picture of a woman's booty in blue jeans with a cell phone in the back pocket.  "Hello" is coming from the cell phone like it is being answered.  The words "oops, my bad. but since you answered...?"  is in silver, and blue letters.


#5 card: "booty call" is made for any two lovers.  The front is decorated with a shapely back/bottom (in red textured paper) with black background paper.  The words "booty call" are in puffy glittery silver letters.  Inside of the card is "I've got the (drinks/liquor/alcohol) & you bring the (kisses/love/whatever you're thinking)!" sticker.


#6 card: "Love Your Kisses" is made for lovers.  The front background paper is white with red shiny hearts.  The Iris Folding is a Hershey's Kiss made from various pieces of paper including Hershey's Kisses paper!  The words "Love Your" are made of red shimmery letters, and the red lips stickers represent kisses.  On the inside, the words "Kiss Me Baby, One More Time" are made from shiny red letters with more lip stickers.


All envelopes are laminated for durability.  They are also designed with various stickers to represent the inside of each card.