ThisIs My Space Outer Space Mini Clipboard Gift For Boys/Girls

ThisIs My Space Outer Space Mini Clipboard Gift For Boys/Girls

"This Is My Space" mini clipboard gift.

This decorative clipboard is for anyone who loves outer space, for boys or girls, men or women.  What is great about this gift is that it is usable.  

You can use it at work, school, on a bus, in the car and of course,  use it at home.  It is small enough to fit in a backpack or laptop bag.


This 6X9 decorated clipboard is designed with blue and white paper with shooting stars.

The pocket is dark blue colored with a sheer ribbon stretched across it.  I added a "enjoy" round sticker in the bottom right corner. I also added pebble sticker with a swirly design in the top corner.

There is a spaceship flying over a planet with colorful stars flowing behind it.

The words "This Is My Space!" is in yellow colored letters on the pocket.  The memo pad is 4X6, lined and lemon yellow.


This is fourth in a series of designer clipboards we will be making in our store.  

We can design one for you or a special gift for someone you know.  

We can do manly, boyish, womanly, girlish, a favorite animal/insect or anything you want on a clipboard (tasteful, of course).   

We design letter size (12.5 X 9 inches) and mini size (6 X 9 inches).


I take requests for designer clipboards. 

Just message me with your request, i.e., favorite animal/insect, favorite color(s), favorite subject in school, favorite anything, etc.

We can do them for book clubs, bridesmaid's gifts, birthday parties, Christmas/Hanukkah gifts, Bachelor/Bachelorette parties, etc.

All clipboards are hand assembled with unique designs in mind. 

We use products from multiple companies to give you the best variety possible.