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To Your I'm So Happy Birthday! And It's Pretty Sweet! Greeting Card

To Your I'm So Happy Birthday! And It's Pretty Sweet! Greeting Card

It's your birthday!  It's your birthday!  We're gonna party like it's your birthday!

This greeting card is a 5 by 5 square birthday greeting card for a summer birthday girl.

On the front:

Background paper is blue with summer items, like pizza, rainbows, orange slices, watermelon slices, pineapple, popsicles and blow-up pool toys (swan, flamingo, ball, cat face and unicorn) in beautiful bright colors.

"To your I'M SO HAPPY" is in colorful letters as well. Bottom half of the front is water designs.  The card and paper are laminated for durability.

On the inside:

Background paper is sky blue and water designs.  "Birthday!" is above the 3D mermaid that is sitting on sand.

There is a 3D pink/white checkered balloon with sprinkles inside, and a lime green wire for string.

The sea animals are a dolphin, a seahorse and two fish - one with bubbles flowing from its mouth.  Beside the mermaid is a shell.

The words "And It's Pretty Sweet." are in colorful letters like the word "Birthday!"

The envelope is laminated for durability.

It has the same background paper as the front of the card and a white space for a name.  A smiley face is cut out and glued onto the white space.  Beneath the name space is "Happy Birthday" in colorful letters with confetti.

The back has the same paper, and is closed with Velcro.

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