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COME/SHOP the Houston Family BABY Expo - April 14th - Memorial City Mall (next to American Girl)

Please come out and support my business, The Lofty Dragonfly! I will have an exhibit in the Houston BABY Expo at Memorial City Mall. The expo is for various baby and toddler related services/products to show new and expecting parents what they have to offer. Admission is free!! Event is heavily promoted through Houston BABY, Houston Family Magazine and Memorial City Mall.

I will also have a 1/8 page ad in two (2) issues of Houston BABY: spring/summer 2018 and fall/winter 2018! I will also have a web editorial on, an eNewsletter inclusion, and website listing online (!

I will have various pre-designed frames for baby, toddler, new and expecting moms/dads for sell, as well as designs I have made and can make at home and ship/deliver to your door!

I am so excited! This is my FIRST show, and I would really appreciate you visiting my booth to say "Hi!", and "BUY!!"

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