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In Loving Memory of a Brother

Today, I will begin the sad...happy...wonderful task of designing a memorial of one of my older brothers, Ambus Jay Braxton, who passed away December 2016. He was a friend, a confidante, and a gentle soul who would give you the "Hawaiian" shirt off his back. He loved Star Trek, Batman, any kind of Super Hero comic books, music, reading manuals, working on computers, collecting things, his mother, his family, his cat Chaz, and red wine! He was in the band in high school, went to the Army, was a bartender for 17 years, and was in his own band called "Fat Rat" where he played bass guitar, and even sang.

There is NO way I can put all of the things he did in this memorial, but I will do the best I can! I will display the final design on my blog when completed!

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